Competitive Level III Program

The Competitive Level III program represents Mustang Soccer's second level teams for players U9-U19. These teams are still considered competitive and mostly participate in the bronze/copper levels in league play.


The Competitive Level III Program (previously Premier or D3) is a competitive level where coaches select teams in a draft following tryouts in which any interested and eligible player may participate.  The goal of Level 3 is both competition and player development.  Level III teams are coached by suitably qualified volunteer Mustang coaches, often the parent of a player on the team.  Level III players can expect a significant commitment of time, particularly in the period from July through mid November.  Competition typically includes tournament and league play throughout the Bay Area, State Cup across Northern California. Level III teams play a substantially greater number of games than their Recreational Division counterparts and practice 2 times per week for 90 minutes each practice.  One of these practices will be with a professional Mustang trainer while the other is with the volunteer coach.

Practice and informal team activities may begin after teams are formed in June (depending on field availability). Formal practice space will be given starting in July. A weeklong team camp will also occur in July or early August before school is back in session for the year. August weekends are designated as tournament weekends. Attendance at August tournaments is required.

During the month of September and October teams typically play both Saturdays and Sundays.  Post-season tournaments are held in November and December for the younger age groups (U9-U13) while older age groups (U14-U19) may play through May.

In addition to the Mustang registration fee, there is a $650 Mustang program fee that includes professional training once a week, equipment, insurance, field costs, referees, and operational expenses to run the program.   Travel to games and tournament registration/participation is at an additional cost of approximately $195-$400 per player which is paid directly to the team budget.  This is not covered by the $650 Mustang Soccer program fee.  

How to become a Level III Coach and other FAQs

Coach Selection

Interested coaches may apply to coach a Premier team beginning in February. See coach application under the "Related Links" on this page.

Criteria for coach selection includes: 

  • Previous Coaching Experience
  • Licensing Level (see Coach Licensing Clinics for more info)
  • Playing Experience
  • Active Referee License
  • Mustang Volunteer Hours
  • Parent Evaluations
  • Assistant Coach Experience
  • Previous Coaching Results

Licensing Level

Level 3 coaches ideally obtain licenses appropriate to the age level they are coaching. Coaches should sign up at the Digital Coaching Center for US Soccer and complete the grassroots module.  By U11, coaches should have their CYSA E or NSCAA Regional licenses.  By U13, the CYSA E/D or NSCAA Advanced Regional should be obtained. Coaches wishing to extend their education should pursue the CYSA D or the NSCAA National licenses.  

Coaches Meeting

All Level 3 Coaches selected for this season will be expected to attend the Level 3 Coaches Meeting.  Information about the season, procedure for tryouts and draft, as well as other important information will be presented.  Coaches who cannot attend are asked to send an assistant in their place.  Meeting time and location will be sent to the selected coaches.


Tryouts are scheduled to start in May. Players who can not attend the opening week or weekend of tryouts will be allowed to come directly to callbacks. Sign ups for Level 3 tryouts begin in the spring and there is no cost to tryout.

Calling Players after Tryouts 

In terms of contacting players, you may email the players invited to callbacks but you must call the parents of the players you are not inviting back.  Be sensitive and supportive - these calls can be very emotional for parents and players. 

Regular Season FAQ

 Who will we play against besides the other Mustang teams?

There is a NorCal playing league for U9-U19 teams, where you will play other teams from all over the Bay Area. Occasionally, other clubs from outside our district may participate in an age group.

 When do practices start?

Formal practice space is assigned starting in July. Teams may hold non-mandatory practice prior to that by requesting field space on an as-available basis from the Mustang office.  Practice is limited to 3 hours per week, although a week of team camp (10 hours) is allowed prior to the start of the season.

 How do Premier teams secure a trainer?

Premier teams typically use a paid Competitive Elite trainer for one of their two practices a week. U9 and U10 teams are assigned a trainer by the Mustang Coaching Directors. That trainer is paid by Mustang Soccer out of the team's fees. Head coaches for U11-U19 teams can contact any of the trainers on the approved list and make arrangements for their weekly season training days and team camp.

 When does the league game season start?

Usually the first weekend after Labor Day.  Pre-season tournaments are usually attended in August. 

 How many games will we play during the season?

Typically, you will be scheduled for a minimum of 8-10 league games, with the season ending in mid November.  With 8-10 games and State Cup games, most weekends may have one league game each day.  In addition, a time for tournament play is typically set aside during the last weekends in September and October.  Including formal scrimmages, tournaments and Cup play, most teams play roughly 30 games during the season. 

 When is State Cup (season tournament for U9-U19 teams)?

NorCal State Cup begins in September and finishes as late as mid December for U9-U13 teams and as late as May for U14-U19 teams.

 Have More Questions?

Please ask them by contacting the Competitive Coaching Directors listed on the Contact Us tab.

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