Fields are split into halves, thirds or quadrants (depending on the location), so fields must be shared among teams!

Please review the practice field layouts, so you are prepared for your practices.

Teams that practice at 6PM should ensure that all equipment is put away and knack boxes are locked.

Video instructions on how to correctly fold and put away U5-U7 goals.

If there are any field/equipment issues (broken goals, dangerous holes, missing equipment), please fill out this form.

Practices will be shifted beginning Monday, October 9. Please review the shifted schedule below:

Teams that practice at 4PM: 3:45-4:30PM

Teams that practice at 5PM: 4:30-5:15PM

Teams that practice at 6PM: 5:15PM-6PM 

As a reminder, just because your practice isn’t affected by the early sunset, doesn’t mean others’ won’t be!

Rec Plus trainer-led sessions that take place at MSC are not affected by this shift.


Fields Director: Joe Hess

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